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1. Best 20 Jackpots (USD,GBP,EUR)
Game Current % Above Average
Jack in the Box €28,580.68 641.61
Haunted House €15,708.85 555.12
Card Shark $131,603.00 511.31
MegaBall $234,325.96 372.76
Jacks or Better £11,475.15 169.21
Jacks or Better €11,475.15 169.21
Jacks or Better $11,475.15 169.21
Cinerama $188,895.39 164.01
Quick Pick Triple $979.11 162.14
Light Speed $11,318.00 125.82
Super Thundering 888 $50,728.69 124.87
Jack in the Box $30,160.97 105.97
Millionaire Genie $2,729,714.46 104.82
Bingo Bonanza $30,659.54 95.44
Bingo Gala Bingo $10,326.44 81.67
Snowball Jackpot £1,085.07 81.54
Super Hero Jackpot £1,689.48 78.72
Super Hero Jackpot €1,689.48 78.72
Super Hero Jackpot $1,689.48 78.72
Rags to Riches €322,944.32 78.51

CompareJackpots.com has robots that gather progressive jackpot information from casinos and bingo halls all around the internet, to show you the smart games to play.

Each progressive slot machine has a jackpot amount that is the "break-even" point. If you were to play a lot of spins at this "break-even" point, you would mathematically be expected to come out even.

1. Find the best progressive slots

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3. Win a life changing jackpot!

As a game's jackpot increases past its "break-even" point, the odds are in your favour. If you only played games that have exceeded their break-even amount, then you would mathematically be expected to make a profit in the long term.

Compare Jackpots shows you which jackpots are the highest past their average value, and therefore likely to be past their break-even point. By playing these games you are being a smarter gambler and maximising your chances of making a long term profit with your gambling.

By signing up to a variety of casinos and taking advantage of as much bonus money as possible, you are putting the odds even further in your favour.

The top 20 jackpots online are shown above right. These change regularly as jackpots are continually increasing and being won. So bookmark this website and come back often to check which jackpots are the best to play, before you start gambling.

Registered Users can receive the top jackpots regularly in their email, and customise the jackpot lists according to

  • The minimum spend required to win a jackpot
  • Which currency you like to play in
  • What games you like to play (eg Bingo, Slots, Poker, Deal or No Deal)

We have already setup the most common filters for you, just click on View My Jackpots to see them, or Register An Account to setup your own casino jackpot filters.

The magic of playing online bingo on the internet can be felt without making a deposit - simply take a visit to a good bingo parlour and locate the registration bonus offers.

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